Yoga at Earth Space PDX


6:00pm - 7:00pm

Yoga for Stability with Jordan Sun



5:00pm - 6:00pm

Yin Yoga with Miracle

Sunday August 1st

4:00pm - 6:00pm 

Journey Through Consciousness:

Seven Chakras Yoga workshop with Celeste


Yoga for Stability with Jordan Sun:

Train for stability, strength & balance. This class is perfect for you if your goals include feeling more relaxed and centered, stable and agile and connected in mind, body and breath. Ease aches, pains and mental fatigue with movements and tools gained on the mat. Walk away feeling more aware, comfortable in your body and ready for whatever life dishes up next. All levels of experience welcome.

Drop in $15

6 class pass $75

12 class pass $135

Email to reserve your spot. Drop-ins welcome.

Yin Yoga with Mirakle:

A restorative and most gentle, slow and meditative form of yoga. Works on deep tissues and ligaments and builds flexibility and connection with the body.

Drop-in weekly by donation

Journey through Consciousness Yoga: Seven Chakras Workshop with Celeste:

Contact Celeste through her website to learn more!

Dance at Earth Space PDX


7:30pm - 8:30pm

Fusion Bellydance Basics with Jordan Sun



7:30pm - 8:30pm July 8th - August 12th

Six-Week Bellydance Performance Choreography 

Series with Amrita Amanita

Saturday August 24th

Noon - 3:00pm 

Finger Cymbals Intensive with Amrita Amanita



Fusion Bellydance Basics with Jordan Sun:

An ongoing weekly class. Step into a journey of embodied movement and learn to flow with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of fusion bellydance! Experience a shift to a deeply centered space of connection to your body, mind, spirit...ready to flow to the music you love! No prior dance experience necessary.

Drop in $15

6 class pass $75

12 class pass $135

Email to reserve your spot. Drop-ins welcome.

Six-Week Bellydance Performance Series with Amrita Amanita: 

Facebook Event: HERE

Immerse your spirit in energizing Fusion Dance Choreography with this 6 week series culminating in an optional performance at EARTH Space PDX Saturday August 14 @ 7pm! This choreography embodies fiery, solar energy and fuses Rachel Brice's Datura Style vocabulary with an array of movement disciplines and divine feminine dance new and ancient. This piece has a strong finger cymbal (zil, sagat) focus and we will play with a variety of sounds throughout the composition while dancing. Come with a beginner's mind prepared to sweat it out and smile in a supportive community container.

$77 for the six week course

Register through Eventbrite: HERE

or: $AmritaAmanita

Venmo: thepythia

With note "six-week fusion dance performance series"

Finger Cymbals Intensive with Amrita Amanita:

Level up your Zil skills in this dynamic Finger Cymbal Intensive! Challenge yourself by moving beyond mid tempo triplets, fusing more intricate compositions and techniques into your dance and playing repertoire. This 3 hour technique driven class will imbue your spirit with fierce confidence and ease, offering a framework for a solid foundation in your playing while flowing through invigorating movement sequences.

$77 for the workshop

Register through Brightstar Events: HERE

or: $AmritaAmanita

Venmo: thepythia

With note "Finger Cymbals Intensive"

Register for BOTH the Performance Choreography series and the Finger Cymbals Workshop for $111 with note to:$AmritaAmanita

Email with questions