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Art Openings

Join us every First Friday for Art Openings at Earth Space from 6-10pm! Art openings are usually accompanied by a heart opening sonic journey, a gongfu tea lounge, and a tarot reader.

Upcoming 2022 Art Openings

Friday July 8th:

Elizabeth Benson and Brea Browning Collaborative Art Opening featuring a special immersive Moss installation 

Friday August 5th:

Chrissy Groh Solo Show

Friday September 2nd:

Rachel Rusenko Virgo Blast featuring wares and performances from multiple fellow Virgos

Saturday October 22nd:

Amelia Lichtenberg Art Reception

Friday November 11th:

The Immersive inner world of Karro Moss 

Friday December 2nd:

Momo aka Merry Carter Art Opening

Art Openings are not ticketed, and are donation based. We’d rather you spend money on art or prints!

Hope to see you soon 💛​ Stay tuned for submission instructions for our next Group Show January 2023!

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